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Mount Batur Sunrise is one of our most popular Trekking in Bali. You will explore an active volcano and get up close and personal with one of Bali’s most sacred mountains; also get to experience spectacular views of the sun bursting onto the horizon in a riot of oranges and yellows and slowly spreading over the caldera and lake below.

The starting point which is located at the foot of the Volcano at 1.000 meters above sea level. Then we’ll make our way up Mount Batur in the cool pre-dawn air under a blanket of stars. The trek takes one until two hours to reach the peak at 1.717 meters above sea level. Once you arrive at the highest point, it really feels as though you are on top of the world, as you can see the majestic peak of neighboring Mount Abang hovering above the clouds, the distant cone of Mount Agung on the horizon, and the caldera lake spread out below.

On the top of volcano we’ll soak up the beauty of the sunrise and refuel with a light breakfast eggs boiled in volcanic steam. There will be plenty of time to relax and take photos of the sunrise and incredible scenery. Then explore the three younger craters and the most recent lava flows. As we make our way down we’ll take in the amazing volcanic landscape and might even come across a troop of volcano; will see monkeys playing on the rocks.

Mount Batur has a very wide caldera, which is 13.8 by 10 km and is one of the largest and most beautiful caldera in the world. Mount Batur has 2 caldera namely, the outer caldera and the inner caldera. The height of the outer caldera wall is 1267 – 2152 m, its shape is oval with dimensions of 13.8 by 10 km. While the caldera in almost like a circle with a diameter of 7 km, and is about 120 – 300 m below the main road, Kintamani.

This  volcano was erupted several times. The first recorded eruption of Mount Batur was in 1804 and the last was in 2000. From 1804-2005, Mount Batur was erupted more than 26 times and the largest eruption occurred on August 2 till September 21, 1926. Beautifully decorated landscape with black lava from the eruption of Mount Batur in 1917  become an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

After trekking we will enjoy natural hot spring for an hour; it useful for your muscle. furthermore continue to have a brunch. However we will stop at Traditional Bali Coffee Processing or Bali Argo tourism, here we will see various tropical plantations and see how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional processing, such as coffee arabica, coffee robusta, pineapple, balinesse snake fruit, and etc.

They sell variety of theirs original Balinese coffee products, herb oil and see the civet cat the most expensive coffee maker, wellknown as Luwak, its produce “Luwak Coffee” and the process of the bean passing through the digestive tract of the civet chemically alters the proteins in the Luwak coffee bean to yield more complex and smooth flavors, not found in conventional coffees.

Story of Luwak Coffee 

Luwak Coffee has a unique history behind the legend. In the early 18th century the Dutch established coffee plantations on the volcanic islands of the Dutch East Indies. This Luwak Coffee Arabica, hails from the mystical island of Bali. During the early years Dutch Coffee Plantation owners forbade the local natives from harvesting and brewing the coffee beans for their own consumption. The indigenous people, being resourceful, soon discovered that the asian palm civet, favored eating coffee beans. These Luwak beans were collected, washed, sun dried, then roasted to produce a coffee with a deep richness, minus the acidity.  Process of the bean passing through the digestive tract of the civet chemically alters the proteins in the coffee,  Luwak coffee bean to yield more complex and smooth flavors, not found in conventional coffees.

The resulting coffee said to be like no other in the world (literally). It has a rich, heavy flavor with hints of caramel or chocolate. Other terms used to describe it are earthy, musty and exotic. The body can be syrupy and it’s the smoothest coffee you will ever have.


  • 01:30 am: Pick up at your hotel Lobby.
  • 03:00 am: Start trekking (From Starting Point 100 meters above Sea level).
  • 05:00 am: Reach the top of Mt. Batur.
  • 06:20 am: Breakfast time while Sunrise.
  • 08:45 am: Arrive at finish point.
  • 09:00 am: Relaxing your muscle in the hot spring.
  • 11.00 am : Brunch.
  • 12:15 pm: Visit Coffee Plantation.
  • 14:30 pm: arrive at the Hotel.



  • 01:30 am: Kuta, Seminyak, Legian.
  • 01:30 am: Nusa Dua, Jimbaran.
  • 02:00 am: Sanur, Denpasar.
  • 03:00 am: Ubud.

Must to Brings:

  • Jacket, long pants, and good climbing shoes.
  • Change clothes.
  • Money to buy personal drinks and Souvenirs.
  • Camera to record your moment.


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More value
More friendly
More fun
More flexible


  • Private return transfer with AC & English speaking driver.
  • Local Guide & Experienced.
  • Flashlight.
  • Mineral water.
  • Breakfast.
  • Natural Hot Spring.
  • Brunch.


  • Souvenirs.
  • Tip or gratuities.


USD 75/person (Minimum 2 persons)

USD 65/person (3 -5 persons)

USD 55/person (6 -10 persons)