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08:30 – 13:30 (5 Hours)

Kumbasari & Badung Market

The Capital city, Bali’s Central Art Market in Denpasar

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This market is a primary source of arts and handicrafts, products chiefly coming from the island’s various art producing communities, and the central Bali highlands, while also featuring galleries of onsite painters and craftsmen.The market’s setting might seem downtrodden, much of what you would find at any traditional market in Bali, however the diverse selection of items available will easily appeal to avid shoppers, especially with its bargain and wholesale prices.

The locals also source their daily household necessities and religious items from several shops here, from silk parasols, temple attire, to incense, flower offerings and silver holy water vessels, some of which also make exotic decor items to spruce up your living room back home.


Bali Museum 

Bali Museum save the Balinese Culture heritage. The early planning of Bali Museum founding Governmental functionary of Dutch, Bali King, Society Prominent, all artists like: WFJ Kroon (assistant of Dutch Resident), Curt Grundler (a Germany Architect), I Gusti Alit Ngurah (Bestuurder Penegara Badung), I Gusti Bagus Jelantik (King of Karangasem), I Gusti Ketut Djelantik (King of Buleleng), King of Tabanan, and all artists like I Gusti Ketut Kandel, I Gusti Ketut Rai. The Planning is happened in year 1910 with the elementary concept Bali Museum building structure that was solidarity of the structure between temple building (Sanctum) and Palace (Keraton). After agreed on the concept of the museum building structure, hence founded a mains building which deflect finished in year 1925. Because of the ancient object collection which had been collected is not yet adequate and then during 7 years (1925-1932), the mains building stood functioned for the exhibition purpose.

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All meritorious experts in checking object taken as collection of Bali Museum for example: DR.W.F. Stutterheim, G.I. Graider, G.M. Hendrikss, DR.R. Goris, and artist of Walter Spies. Bali Museum in the beginning is handled by an institution that is called Bali Museum Institution and opened officially on 8 December 1932 with the name of Bali Museum. The management hereinafter by institution of Bali Museum has been reverted to Government of Indonesia since 5 January 1966.

The object collections which are kept in Bali Museum can be classified become the prehistoric object collection like: the Grave Petrify (sarkopag), the object collection coming from history era like: stupika clay containing superstitious formula Ye Te, the bronze statues (Hindu and Budha statues) and ethnography object collection like Keris, Endek Cloth, and religious ceremony equipment (Sangku, Cecepan and Sidakarya mask). In its growth, now Bali Museum have been opened generically and become the tourist destiation in Denpasar.


Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a Monument to the struggles of Balinese People throughout history. The monument is located in front of the Bali Governor’s Office in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

The monument is a rectangular shape, and follows the architectural principles of “Tri Mandala.” It consists of three parts: Utama Mandala, the main building in the center of monument, Madya Mandala, the inner courtyard surrounding Utama Mandala, Nista Mandala, the outer courtyard surrounding Madya Mandala. The main building, Utama Mandala, has three floors. The ground floor, Nistaning Utama Mandala, contains administrative rooms, a library, and exhibition halls. In the center of the ground floor is a lake called the Puser Tasik. The first floor, Madyaning Utama Mandala, contains 33 dioramas. The dioramas cover various incidents in the history of the Balinese, including the Balinese Kingdom, the introduction of Hinduism, the Majapahit era, Dutch colonialism, and the struggle for independence. The second floor is a meditative space which provides a panoramic view of Denpasar.

Enjoy Bali’s work of arts being well-preserved and taken care !


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