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Beji temples in Bali are sacred places and at the same time are believed to have good fortune so that they become a destination for the procession of painting (meruwat), as well as the existence of Taman Beji Griya Manuaba Temple which is located in Banjar Trinadi, Punggul Village, Kec. Abiansemal, Badung. Recently opened to the public, so the name of this beji is not yet well known, however uploads on social media are quite helpful to find information about the existence of the Taman Beji Griya Manuaba Temple.

it’s believed to be a place for peace and happiness, including for those traders, it is very suitable to come at once to ask for grace so that fortune is launched. Of course, with sincere devotion, what you want will be realized.

The place to paint Beji Griya Manuaba Park feels very special, especially those who love beauty or love spiritual tourism, this place is very ideal, in the Beji Park temple area you can also find the natural beauty of the waterfall which later as a place to paint. The beautiful natural scenery is the main attraction in the area of ​​Taman Beji Griya Manuaba Temple, even the view of the waterfall was made as one of the new tourist destinations in the Abiansemal Badung area, visitors who like selfies certainly will not miss the moment.

Still in the Park Beji Griya Manuaba area, this temple is located near the river valley and next to the Griya Beji waterfall. Beji Temple is also arranged beautifully. In addition, this area is surrounded by terraced rice fields, so that those in this area feel calm and at ease, another place that will also serve as a place to paint are two water sources inside the cave, located between two high cliffs so that the area is also known as a hidden canyon, this cave feels quite gripping but looks beautiful and unique, especially the splash of water from the top of a cliff that forms a waterfall in a cave. A challenge in itself if you paint in the Hidden Canyon area.